Retrofit / Modernization

Because the customer (in Thailand) had problems with the supply of spare parts, the controller was exchanged from Siemens S5 to S7. The operator panels were exchanged. The main computer replaced by a WinCC Flexible application. Interbus replaced by Profibus. Various sensors have been exchanged for compatibility reasons.

Replacement of PLC


Dig. Inputs

Dig. Outputs

Aux. Drives






Completed Services:

 Site management

 Start-Up (Software was provided by the client)


Replacement of operator-panels

Main-PC with OS2 operating system changed to WinCC Flexible application

Exchange Interbus to Profibus

Pro-Sa S..r.l.

Motion... in the right direction

: 2x S7-416-DP

: approx. 360

: approx. 250

: approx. 40

: 4

: 18

: 1x RS232, 1 DP/DP

: 3x TP277, 2x MP277

: Siemens Step5, Step7, WinCC Flexible, PDIAG