Reel feeding / empty core disposal

The board-reel is moved by a carriage to the board-sheet-cutter and aligned to the machine-center. Thereafter, the reel rolls into a receiving-device which damps the movement and lifts the reel into the position of the unwind-station. After the roll ...

was unwind it will be hand over to the empty-core-gripper and then transferred to a linear-transport-unit which will drop it on the conveyor.

At the end of the conveyor track a crane grippes the core and drops it in a transport box. The crane measures at each pass the level of the box and drops the core at the lowest point. The box is at full signal removed with a forklift and emptied.

The positioning of the carriage was implemented in the existing S5-95U.The control-unit for the transport is a Siemens S7 315-2DP. The I / O-level is connected via ET200s.The drive-controllers are implemented locally with SEW Movimot.
The system is operated
with 3 Operator Panel Siemens TP277 HMI which are coupled to a separate Profibus line via a CP 342-5 to the CPU.

The exchange of signals with the card
-board-sheeter is via a DP / DP coupler.


T277 with animated user interface

dig. Inputs

dig. Outputs




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: Siemens Step5, Step7, WinCC Flexible, PDIAG